ISCE® – Inclusive System for Circular Electronics

ISCE is a secure transparent digital tool that sustainably expands the life of electronics beyond it’s normal circularity. The platform transfers the Producer Responsibility while tracking and distributing functional electronic products to developing countries. The system optimises end-of-life-return through incentives, with the aim to salvage functional parts and sustainably recycle hazardous components according to the WEEE directives.

Benefits for stakeholders

The extended value chain across international borders creates a multitude of benefits for all stakeholders.

Giving useful electronic products from countries with strong national legislation additional lives through ISCE enforces the multinational environmental compliance. By allowing stakeholders from different parts of the world to cooperate within a controlled digital environment we can extend the producer responsibility.

Extending WEEE Directives

Support stringent legislation based on the WEEE-directives, Basel convention, Stockholm treaty, Paris treaty and Bamako treaty. dd

The directives facilitate the implementation of harmonised concepts to measure the size of the market, its transboundary movement and the recycling performance of e-waste within that country. They also give helpful tools, practical guidelines and mathematical methodologies.

ISCE help regions follow these multinational legislations and gather data in order to compile internationally comparable e-waste statistics.

Monitoring & Verification

ISCE registers and monitors products throughout all handling points in the value chain in order to verify quantities, geographic flows as well as evaluate condition, developments, circulation and emission savings over time.

The sound collection of e-waste data allows for more efficiently implemented sound recycling, policies and legal instruments.

With ISCE a true global picture of e-waste flows and transboundary movements in compliance with the WEEE directives can be achieved.

Reporting & Statistics

ISCE compiles data from verifications within the system in an internationally standardised way and ensures that this information is available to all stakeholders via its searchable database.

It will bring together policy makers, statisticians, and industry representatives to enhance quality, understanding, and interpretation of transboundary e-waste data.

ISCE assists countries in compiling e-waste statistics that are useful for national policy-making with an internationally recognised, harmonised measurement framework.

Security & Transparency

The ISCE digital platform is developed to be both scalable and reliable. It is designed to easily link to already developed stakeholder APIs and stores encrypted data without compromising transparency.

Using an open decentralised blockchain solution that generates, validates and manage big data. The solution creates an immutable audit trail throughout the value chain.

ISCE only exists in countries where there is a local physical presence that enforces environmental compliance and monitor the value chain and it’s sustainable circularity.

Certified Partners

Providing a common set of processes, safety measures and documentation requirements for businesses that collect, repair and recycle used electronics.

ISCE ensures that partners have legal compliance, insurance requirements and an in-place environmental, health and safety management system.

To achieve clear responsibility and a downstream due diligence throughout the recycling stream, ISCE provide partners and stakeholders with data security, traceability and accountability throughout the transboundary value chain.

Incentives & Take-back

ISCE tracks the products journey throughout the value chain and digitally releases funds at each point that either pays for that step or incentivises the continuation of the chain without any cash payment.

Encouragement of e-waste to be channelled towards controlled facilities instead of being dumped or improperly recycled. ISCE supports the development of incentive mechanisms and take-back schemes. With the right incentives, both generators of waste and informal collectors/recyclers can be motivated to send WEEE to environmentally sound recycling centres.

Connecting continents through digital technology

Digital technology is a lever of financial inclusion, transparency and accountability. It enhances knowledge sharing on mutually agreed terms and improves coordination among existing mechanisms.

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